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How You Can Help The Westbury...


The Association is always looking for volunteers to get involved in the Association's many committees (ongoing and ad hoc) and activities (social and business).  If you would like to help shape the future of The Association, please consider running for the Board of Directors.

Newsletter Editor
Board of Directors

The Westbury publishes a monthly newsletter that is sent to residents and posted on the website.  The editor will be responsible for attending Board Meetings and interacting with Westbury community members to gather information for stories that keep residents informed of all essential information as well as general interest articles.  The Board is grateful to Diane Shimoda-Peterson, who held this position for many years with high standards. This position is currently being held by L. Patrick Miller.

Bylaws Committee

Serve on the Board and take an active role in shaping the future of The Westbury.  Board Members hold monthly meetings and have many responsibilities, such as reviewing the finances of The Association, proposing the Budget annually, working closely with management to ensure that policies and rules are being adhered to, signing contracts with various service organizations and vendors, etc.

If numbers are your thing, then consider volunteering for the Finance Committee.  Working closely with the Board, the Finance Committee helps to prepare the annual budget, review large contracts and proposals and review internal financial reports.

The Bylaws Committee is responsible for review and modification of The Associations Bylaws and The Resident Guide.  Many things need to be updated in these documents as times change, people change and new needs arise.  Both of these documents are necessary to help The Association govern, maintain the quality of life in our community and communicate policies, procedures, rules and fines.

Buildings & Grounds Committee

The Buildings and Grounds Committee is a standing Committee whose purpose is to review, analyze and monitor all issues relating to the buildings and grounds of The Westbury.

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